Our meats come from little breeding farm selected for their quality and one-of-a-kind artisan method of breeding
What makes the difference


Rib eye steak

Irresistible cut from the upper side of the rib. It is the nearest piece of the shoulder. Its taste is quite flavorful thanks to the seepage of fat and the fat cord passing through it.

T-bone loin beef (alla Fiorentina)

Their dimensions are due to the breed they come from. This is the legendary cut that named the traditional and famous beef “alla Fiorentina”, well known across the world.

L-Bone loin Galizano ox

Its strong and lasting flavour come from animals aging between 8 and 10 years old. This bestows the meat of the extraordinary marbling and a golden fat. This type of meat is ideal for hanging for a long time that can exceed 90 days.

Rib-frenched black pig loin

It is called “olive with paws” because it is rich in oleic acid. Moreover, this cut of meat is full of omega 3 and unsaturated fat. This breed, notably rustic, root in the forests and easily adapts to the biological and wild rearing. From them we can obtain prime cut of beef that can be compared only with the legendary Kobe beef.


The one-of-a-kind lamb that is served in our restaurant comes from the English hills and it is raised in rugged pasture, that means lighter. The meat has an intense pink colour and the fat is white cream. However, its tenderness and natural savour are its most appreciated qualities. The high quality of the lamb we have chosen for you is certified by quality standard, which means that these animals are raised and bred with the only purpose of producing meats and not of being exploited to obtain different products.