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This is the house of the butcher and we consider the animal-food as a gift, without wasting any part of the animal. We are moved by the philosophy of the entire cow, from the head to the foot going through the tail. We seek to have respect for the animal-gifts and we thank them in our banquets.


Antonio Guerra

Our meats have more nutritional value than the animals bred in stables. They have also a unique taste that whets the appetite and feels for hours.

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What makes the difference


Our meats come from little breeding farm selected for their quality and one-of-a-kind artisan method of breeding. Rib eye steak, loin beef Florentine, loin Galizano ox cut L-Bone.

Garronese Veneta


El Capricho

Have you visited our restaurant and fall in love with a particular cut of meat?
Have you tried every market in the city but never found a meat that could emulate the prime quality of our meat?
Do not worry… Butcher is pleased to satisfy your request!
Come visit us and order the cut of meat that you liked most! The butcher is open every day from 10.00 to 12.30 and from 18.30 to 19.30.

Our gastronomic proposal


What really distinguishes ourselves from others is the search for raw materials. You can find it not only in our meats, but also in every single product that is processed by our chefs’ skillful hands. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is meant to make every single bite as a unique experience as possible, from the start till the end.



Even if the major distribution channels do not follow the rules of time, we hang our meats for a long time. The meat is hung for a minimum of 40 days after a long and careful process of selection. Actually, our meats come from animals grazed for at least 4 years. That is why we speak of a long lapse of time.
That is why our spot is “It’s just a matter of time”. The reason is that we know how to wait the exactly right time for their growth and leave ripen in the store our exquisite cuts of meat.



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